The Lost Weapons

    300 years after the fall of the evil army the evil still lingered and haunted the peacful lifes of the eastern territory. The elves, dwarves, and humans all agreed that there needed to be something done about the fear that has been placed upon them. The wanted to make sure that the feauture of their kin were safe. The 3 leaders of the races gathered one star filled night in thoughts of what they thought would be the best step towards ending the reign of evil that has terrorized their past.

    The thought about the task and knew that it would not be an easy task whatever it may be. There were thoughts of gathering a huge army and run through the barren land of Burzum Fauth killing all evil creatures they came across. That plan although was very appealing to the war hardened dwarven leader Morden Darkar, It was not a valid plan. It would take years to get an army together and still would probably not be a sufficiant enough army to wipe the evil from the land.

    Then it hit them. Valandil the Wood Elf Leader brought up the plan to cut the head of the snake. Morden looked at him with great excitement, while Lady Cantrell looked at them both with great disapproval. Valandil quickly explained that it would take 20 years min to prepare for such a task. We will all come together in the greatest alliance know to man. We will train one warrior from each of our towns, in whatever you feel is your strongest form of Fighting and send the 3 adventurers off together to kill Valkrey Kellard, easily the commander of the evil that roams Palurin. Each of the 3 leaders looked at eachother in great agreement that this would be the greatest plan ever formed together. This would be the plan to save them from the evil that lurks their dreams.

    Over the insuing years each leader looked after the development of their highly selected warriors, Morden Chose Bolgar Drakar. His very own son. Standing at a dwarven hight of 4' 5" and 235 lbs, and as sturdy as the trunk of the thickest tree, not many would be able to stand up to such a Stout and tough dwarf. Balgor is highly skilled with the 2H Mace. This is not the most widely liked weapon by the Drakar Clan, However Drakar wields the mace as though he were wielding a short sword. The mighty dwarf is agreed by many as a very admirable foe when using the mace.

    Valandil on the other hand was in the midst of trainning his Wife's Nephew Malgor Telperien. He is being trained in the art of being one with nature and his surroundings. this method allows one to use anything surrounding him to his advantage. weather it be as camoflauge, protection, or to create an advantage. Malgore is skilled with the mighty Short Bow. The short bow is the most popular of weapons amongst the Wood elf race, it is smaller then the long bow making it easier for them to manuvor through the woods and is still strong enough to deliver a deadly blow at a distance.

    Lady Cantrell took up a different approach, she didnt want to rush right in and assume any one of her son's were the greatest pick for this task. So in the event that she was right she had her assistants arrange a tournament. The tournament was not exclusive to only thoes who reside within the town. anyone who wanted to enter was allowed, so she made it a point to send invitations to Towering peaks, The home of the mighty barbarian tribe Bloodfang, as well as to Long Saddle the brother town to Cantrell just to the south. The tournament lasted an entire week and at the end reigned the towering Alleo Bloodfang. This barbarian came in with moves like that never seen by any barbarian. The agility Alleo displayed during his routine was dizzying, he left the onlooking crowd Dazed and asstouneded. Lady Cantrell then publicly named Alleo a Knight of Cantrell where he would stay and train to sharpen his skills. The Mighty Alleo weapon of choice was a magnificent Great Sword.

    Finally the time had come. Each warrior was shaped into what their leaders thought was the superior of all warriors. The day came when each warrior and their leader would come to meet. This was the day when the warriors would set out on their task to end the life and evil ways of Valkery Kellard. But before they were off on their way each leader brought forth a gift that each of them had crafted to assist their warriors on their adventure.


  • First was Lady Cantrell. The item she brought forth was one that she didnt actually craft, but was crafted by the men of the Bloodfang tribe, It was a new massive Greatsword: Wingblade she called it. It was named by Kengar Bloodfang. He was so proud that one of his tribe was selected to go on the adventure that he had the sword specialy made and through his prayers and the help of Lady Cantrell they had the mighty sword enchanted.

  • Second to reveal their gift was Morden Darkar. Likewise he felt a new un battered weapon would be the most useful item to craft for Balgor. Morden Had a new 2h mace crafted that was not only as big as the one Balgor already wielded. it was lighter and made of a more durable metal. Mithril. The toughest metal known to the Dwarven clan. Morden called this weapon Barag. This mighty mace was also enchanted.


  • Valandil Annare lastly layed forth his gift to Malgore. It was a Beautifully crafted Shortbow. Which was as well enchanted. The bow was called Sia Mol.


    *Great Dissapointment




The Lost Weapons

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