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Welcome: This is the world of Palurin en' Templa and i invite you to explore and experiance everything the world has to offer. below i have listed a few links to help you get started, and within the links you will find more links. Enjoy. 

Palurin en' Templa


 Racial leaders:

  • Morden Darkar: Leader of the dwarven clan Drakar reigning in tthe stronghold Mar Kad which lay's deep in the mountains ofDol Ungol.
  • Valandil Annare: Leader of the Wood elves reigning in [[Tuare Osta's]] Found in the Forrest of Shadows.
  • Vincent Longsaddle: Founder of the city Long Saddle, Found just south of Cantrell point in the Plains of Life
  • Lady Cantrell: Queen and leader of the largest human city in Palurin Cantrell Point found in the northen part Plains.
  • Kengar Bloodfang: head of the Barbarian tribe that reigns at one of the entrances to the Plains of life known as Towering Peaks.
  • Bafaya The Hunter: Known for his brutality and disregard for any who cross him. Leader of the Barbarian tribe Warspawn reigning in the Warspawn village which lays just at the entrance from Plains to the land of Burzum Fauth.
  • Amdor Sirfalas: The leader of the all feared grey elves reigning in the city Cheel D Venorsh, found in the  lands of Burzum Fauth, Controlling and aiding the wizard in the evil path of distruction and death.
  • Valkrey Kellard: The Mighty evil wizard who clearly rules the land of Burzum Fauth from his tower found on the northwest coast. He keeps hiden from all dangers in his Monsterous safe haven known as Kellard Tower.


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