The land of Palurin en' Templa is of massive size. With a huge mounain range that streaches across the Top of palurin with peaks that reach higher then the clouds. most of which have yet to be explored. The East coast is covered in thick forrest known as the Forrest of Shadows.

    Bordering the forrest of shadows streaching from the south coast to the norther border of the massive mountain range. This area is know as Plains of life

    The mountain range that sweeps and consumes the northern coast line is known as Dol Ungol. For the mountain range doesn not only Run along the northern boarder, it also devides the contanent of Palurin almost completly in half. it comes down where it splits half way down to the southern coast. and comes back to been itself right before it reaches the southern coast.

    The land that lays West of the mountain range that splits the land is know as the Burzum Fauth, Feared by many and explored by few.


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