Great Dissapointment

    It was finally time for the 3 companions to set out for the Dol Ungol Mountain range just to the West. They knew that if they took the path that led them throught the barbarian village laying in the Towering Peaks that i would lead them straight to Warspawn village. That was not an advisary they wanted to face this early in the journey. So Malgor suggested that they take the only other path through the mountains known as Fearless pass. This pass travles right pass the area where the most famous battle took place but he path was very narrow and not just anyone would pass through without any troubles.

    The 3 companions travled for 3 days and finallly made their way through the pass and into Burzum Fauth, Not one of the young adventurer's have ever set food in this terrifying land. In fact the only knowladge of the land they possesed was that of the information they were given over the years of trainning from their mentors.

     The very first night was not so peaceful. They were so looking to the rest they all needed, for the pass didnt posses any clearings wide enough for them to set up camp and get a solid nights sleep. They fell asleep anxious to get the rest needed to get up and face their challanges head on. Weighted down with the lack of rest and their minds not so sharp the 3 adventurers failed to remember the key fact given on the day prior to their departure. In the land of Burzum Fauth, Night was when most of the movement was found. Due to that fact it was not long before they were Abruptly woke by the sound of rustling in the bushes that surrounded them. Gathrak and Malgor woke with the instant surge of adrinaline, suddenly remembering the warning given about the night. Alleo too woke up but didnt bother worrying about the thoughts in his head just trying to get a sight of the creature who intrupted his sleep so that he could sever his head, and get back to his slumber.

    The rim of the camp was as if their was a wall of black. Not one of the companions could see past the edge of the camp fire light they had set, Suddenly realizing that the fire is probably what drew the attention of the advesaries that threaten them now.

   Not one of the Companions had an idea of what they were about to see come through the curtain of black, But suddenly 3 ogers came charging through, Alleo without hesitation charged after one bringing his massive greatsword down on the closest ogre, Gathrak did the same, swinging the mighty hammer in a combination of moves keeping turnning the ogre streight from offense to defense. As for Malgor He didnt have time to get off a shot for the ogre was upon him quicker then he could Get the shot off. Knowing his situation Malgore was able to get his short sword out and up before the ogre's Sword came crashing down upon him. Malgor's Dexterity was much higher then the ogre and thus had no problem dodging and countering the attacks.

    Over many minutes of dodging, blocking, and countering the ogre's assault they one by one finally were able to knock off the ogres. They looked at eachother with great  approval. But before they could get to into the victory they Suddenly found themselves in another battle. Four Orc warriors came charging in just seconds after the last ogre fell. Gathrak found himself 2 on 1 with these nasty smelling creatures. but Gathrak like these odds cause that just ment he had the chance to kill 2 of them, and as for Alleo and Malgore they both found themselves one on one. Malgore Noticed that these orc's are much better fighers then the ones found in the woods where his home is, but didnt seem to be phased by the orc, and handled it almost as easily as the ogre. Alleo too found himself enjoying the battle more then fearing the result of what would happen if he failed. Alleo out of all of them seemed too be boared by the fight. He felt as though this was going to be an easy task if this is all they have to face. a bunch of orcs' Pftt. the thought.

    Once the orc's were dropped they found that they were not just fighting a horde of creatures that want their items and to feast on their flesh. The realized really qucikly after the 5th surge of enemies came in that they were being tested. But by who or what? They were challanged by Ogre's, Orcs, Gnolls, Minotaurs, Goblins…ect.

   On the 7th surge you could see that the fighters were starting to tire. you could start to see the fear of dought come into the eyes of the Trusted hearo's They knew that their Kin were putting everything they had into them, but soon started to question if they really knew what lvl of evil was found in this land. Weather they really knew of the or trainned them for the battles they were told they were going to face.

    To their own supprise and relief their was no 8th surge. Each one of them looking at eachother with a sigh of relief. Alleo looking over at Gathrak noticed that the dwarf wasnt moving. Then he felt something come over him. He couldnt move either. All 3 of the companions were under a spell of holding. Then out of the black stepped a Massive barbarian. Alleo knew instantly who this beast of a man was. Bafaya!! Alleo screamed alloud. Bafaya just laughed and then went on to tell the 3 of them that they lasted much longer then he had expected and he applauded them on their abilities. However they were over matched. He then told them that they had known of this so called Group of adventurer's that was destined to bring down the Wizard Kellard. Laughing and pacing back and forth he went on to say that he would never let any harm come to Kellard. He trusted me in the task of bringing you 3 to him. I have done so and for this i will be granted a gift. He has given me the gift of your mighty weapons. He looked streight to Alleo as to make notion of what he might do, But then verbaly announced he had every intention of using the Wingblade to personally sever the head of his Leader/commander Kangar. This brought rage into the Barbarian, Enough so that he was Elf in the background holding his spell on the mighty Alleo couldnt hold and Alleo broke loose of the hold and charged in at Bafaya only to find the edge of the Wingblade Penetrate his abdomen, followed by the light escaping his grasp as he fell to the ground, his companions riddled with fear, seeing the mighty alleo fellen so easily.

    Bafaya gathered up the weapons from the hands of both Gathrak and Malgor. Then led them to the wizard tower. And for years they stayed in the tower of Kellard as servants to the wizard. Their families and friends inevitably knew of their dimise when a messanger from warspawn village brought a parchment to Kengar informing him that all 3 of the adventurer's put up a good fight, but was inevitably weaker the powers of Kellard. Kengar didn't deal well with the information and from that day forth Towering Peaks, Cantrell point, Mar Kad, And Taure Osta's made a pact that when a group of adventurer's would come along and prove them selves to be worthy of the task to retrieve the weapons and rid the wizard, that they would do everything in their power to assist them. In truth they never truly belived that there would be a group strong enough to even take over Bafaya's tribe of blood thirsty barbarians.

Great Dissapointment

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