When this Land first came to know living creature's, it was beautiful. Water flowing clean and clear. The sky as crystal clear as the water that flowed in the land, the stars as bright and big as thought you could almost reach out and touch them. Until the time When the Elves Found Palurin en'templa, or the world of magic as the elves came to name it would not stay so perfect for long.

    See the elves came to Palurin en' templa in search of Peace. A place where they could build there Empire and practice their magic. Where war was not a thought but an afterthought, something they would no longer have to fear, or prepare for. The elves had found their place.

    It was not long after the elves had settled in, a mere 5,000 years. Just long enough to get their cities built, Weather in the Trees, along the mountain side, where ever it may be. For their Dream of peace was soon about to come to an end.

      In their Land where they migrated from, Halldrick, A land that was also know as a peaceful land before Evil came and conquered. The elves had managed to survive in the wasteland of halldrick for many years. For it was the never ending wars and fighting, one race trying to hold off the evil from taking their village or cities. Inevitably clearing any evidence that peaceful life lived there at all. it was all the nights that the elven males stayed awake sleepless wondering if this was the night they would have to defend their territory, would have to defend their very existence. That night came. it was a cold night and the elves had suspected many moons earlier that an attack was imminent, they prepared for many days and nights. they were determined not to let the evil win. To their dismay the evil came in stronger then they had ever anticipated.

     The elves, a very smart race, did not lose many of their people, They knew that holding off the evil was not going to be an easy feat. They were right. So in preparation to the battle The high council of elves decided it would be best to keep only the most seasoned of soldiers, and to send the remaining members of the tribe far to the east. They were to go to Dranderbar a city found only 2 days march east of their empire, along the coast. There they would wait for the word. If safe they would return and continue living the lives they have all become so accustomed to. If doom had struck the empire they spent so many centuries building they were given the order to abandon Halldrick all together, to set sail in search of their new home, a land they could make peace with. And for 3 days they waited, worried, terrified as to what the outcome would be. then on the fourth they had their answer, for one of the soldiers was sent to Danderbar by the Command elf. He was to give word that the empire has fallen. That day set heavy on the hearts of the elves and so they did as instructed and set sail. and that is how they came to find Palurin en' Templa.

    During the first 5,000 years the elves inhabited Palurin en' Templa they came to find that they were not the only race to seek out a new land. Humans, gnomes, dwarves, are among a few races that came to the new land. There was no problem having the new races enter the land for they were not apart of the evil that engulfed their previous existence. Life was good, for as much as they could tell. See it didn't take the evil army long to realize that the world they had enjoyed terrorizing was soon becoming barren. there soon became no cities to raid, and no villages to burn to the ground. The races have all either been killed to extinction or fled to a new world.

     There was only one thing for the leaders of the army to decide, Either they split up and wage war against each other, which did cross their sick twisted minds more then once, or to set sail and Find out what new world their enemy was heading to next. After long threatening glances at each other they both shook of the thought of killing the other and laughed, Prepare the ships, we sail in 3 days time.

     During the 3 days they sent out patrols of their best scouts to locate any ships leaving Halldrick, The scouting team learned of a group of gnomes setting sail to the east, where they were going they had no idea. And to the east they went, following the trail of the gnomes to the land they planned on conquering next.

    The evil army had sailed for what seemed like an eternity, which was really just three months time. finally after such a long journey they found the land which they knew the fleeing races had gone to. For they did not know the name of this new place and frankly they didn't care, just the thought of raiding, tormenting, and stealing the resources of this land brought happiness to the evil army. Without any hesitation the evil army came to the west coast of the land and started emptying the madness they brought with them on all the creatures of the area. for they have yet to find the cities the newcomers have built. What they came to find in the new world was that of something they did not experience in the previous one. something they knew would be the end to the raiding that brought excitement to their lives. they found that the races had come together as alliances and planned to stop any evil from destroying their new home.

    During the next year, a year that was full on carnage and destruction, hope and unity. Palurin en' Templa went from being a world of solitude and peace to a land full of war. it was the war that set the Good, The races that had fled the previous world, against evil. The year ended but the war did not. The leaders of the evil army were relentless and so instead of giving into the Elves, dwarfs, humans, and other races of the land they would hold their ground, and there they stayed stale-mated. each side working vigorously trying to find a way to stop the other side and be rid of them forever. Then it happened. The high council of elves working so remotely with the leaders of the other races together they came up with the plan to Invite the Leaders of the evil army to a fight to the death. they came up with the plan to have the fight right on the border of the stalemate simply to keep the fight fare. The Leaders of the Evil did not hesitate. for they figured that if they kill the head of their resistance then there wouldn't be any resistance at all. A fine plan indeed. For they were not the only ones thinking the same. The fight was planned and so they waited. four days and four nights for the day to come where this entire war would be finished.

     The day of the fight came, The fight that would inevitably set the world free from the war that has become it. both sides came to the center of the land. where there were 2 peaks equal hight towering way above the clouds. The west side of the peaks were filled with Orcs, Minotaur's, goblins, trolls, gnomes, barbarians, and many other ugly terrifying creatures. and on the east side of the peaks were filled with the high hopeful gnomes, dwarfs, humans, halflings… etc. The Fight to end it all consisted of 3 on 3. The evil army brought Altrizan – Human wizard, Ufay- a gigantic barbarian, and the third was not part of the leaders since there was only the barbarian and the wizard leading the entire army, but they knew of one Orc who would do them some good. Grugg- the most ruthless fighter they have seen, never taking a second thought at ripping the head off of his opponent even after they clearly surrendered, and hoisting it up for everyone to see. As for the good side, they were not so inexperienced in the likes of battle. For they brought Galdor Vanimedlë- elven wizard, Glankral Darkrak- Head of the dwarven clan Darkrak, highly skilled in battle. and finally Alavian Clantrell- Knight of his previous city, for his people have yet to build a their new home before the war began.

    The battle began, barbarian on knight wizards frantically casting spells and counter spells, and orc against dwarf. the battle waged on through out the day relentless attacks and combos from both sides, a spectical any man, elf, dwarf, beast, would be honored to watch. Both sides cheered on their respective parties. Hoping that their side would be the victors. when finally there became a turn of the tide. The dwarf with such a brilliant display of controlled rage, caught the orc warrior off guard. He did not hesitate for a single moment went straight for the left knee, and as soon as he connected he could feel the victory reeling in on them, as the sound of the Crowds behind him and the Ewe's of the Groups before him. The orc tried frantically to get to his feet but the leg wouldn't hold his weight. thus to his dismay the dwarven mace came in taking the light from his world. There was nothing more satisfying to the Dwarf leader then the feeling of smashing in the skull of an Orc. Then to the dwarfs left he heard the sound of pain, hoping that his newest ally Alavian had also connected with the enemy, and as peered over he was very wrong in deed, Ufey had made a critical hit on the right shoulder of the knight. seeing the knight at a disadvantage Ufey thought victory for his battle was his for the taking. As he swung his mighty 2handed sword over his had ready to bring it down ending the life of his enemy just as the dwarf did to Grugg, Across the field in little regard for the wizards battle Galankral came sprinting full speed through he crossfire and thrusting his mace into the stomach of the mighty Ufey. Ufey underestimated the speed of the dwarf for he thought he had plenty of time to finish off his enemy before taking on the mighty dwarven king. As his sword fell from this sweaty palms clanging on the stone beneath his feet his head soon to follow, Ufey realized he was wrong. and the tides have turned indeed. victory settled and there was nothing the evil wizard Altrizan could do, for as he saw his Orc and Barbarian friends fall he stopped casting for just a split second. That second was all Galdor needed as he cast a spell which put the wizard in a time of silence. he couldn't speak to cast a spell, tried to retreat but as he got to the edge of the field where his army was waiting for him he tried to command them to defend him but they didn't respond. realizing the truth in the battle. For if they had won they would be back on the raiding and tormenting path but would ultimately be slaves to the wizard. However if they lost then they would not be free to raid and torment, but would be free of any hold the wizard had on them. And so they grabbed the wizard and threw him back in the field where King Galankral was eagerly waiting for him. But before he could make mincemeat out of the human wizard Galdor Stopped him and posed a better plan. He pulled out a vile. I shall banish you from this very existence trapping your soul and casting it deep into the nine hells. you will never see the light of this surface world again. And Galdor opened the enchanted vile only to watch the wizard be sucked up into it like a vaccume. Then as he put the top on the vile he began to cast another spell. one that split the surface of the land they stood on. Red light came spewing out of the cracks and smoke swarmed the crowds. Solpher took over the smell of the clean air. people choking all around. And Galdor dropped the vile in only to the delight of not hearing the thing hit a bottom. As the surface closed back together sealing as though it never came apart the curse on the evil army was lifted.

     Palurin en' Templa from then on wasn't exactly Back to the ways the Elven people liked it to be, For the land was now infested with the likes of Orc's, goblins, and many other volatile creatures who thrive on chaos. but they were back to their normal lifestyles too. living and waging war on each other. The world of Palurin en' Templar was full of life now. Life and adventure. For now the people are making homes, towns, villages, Dwarves are Forming their homes in the mountains mining ore and crafting as they love to do so much. The elves are both in the mounains and in the trees, where as for the humans they have gone back to cutting down the trees and building farms and cities. Barbarians are deep in the mountains waging war with the likes of orc's for the crave of battle always pulls at the mighty men. The alliance that was formed is still there, however it has diminished ever so, the elves and dwarfs do not talk now that their former leaders who have won in the battle to end the evil army have past away, The new high council never put forth the effort to be friends with the new king of clan Darkrak.

    The world is balanced and the magic flows free like the crystal clear water flowing from the Ever tall mountain ranges. Life is good and the adventures are endless.


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